The Only 30 Mac Outlook Shortcuts You Need to Know!

Microsoft Outlook is a widely-used email client that helps professionals manage their emails, calendar, contacts, and tasks efficiently. When using Outlook, mastering keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity. However, it’s important to note that keyboard shortcuts on Outlook Mac differ from those on a PC. Although there are hundreds to choose from, we’ve carefully selected the top 30 Mac Outlook shortcuts that will elevate your productivity and have you navigating Outlook like a pro in no time!

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Mac Outlook shortcuts

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Outlook

Navigating Outlook with the keyboard is often faster than using a mouse. Try integrating these mac Outlook shortcuts into your daily routine.

Email Shortcuts

Calendar Shortcuts

Contacts Shortcuts

Outlook keyboard shortcuts Mac cheat sheet
Outlook keyboard shortcuts Mac cheat sheet

Download Outlook keyboard shortcuts mac pdf.

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How to See Keyboard Shortcuts on Outlook Mac?

You can see mac Outlook shortcuts panel right on your Outlook window! To enable this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts (alternatively you can use ⌘+. hot keys).

How to see keyboard shortcuts on Mac - Step 1
How to see keyboard shortcuts on Mac – Step 1

Step 2: Now a panel showing Outlook shortcuts mac will open at the right side of your Outlook window.

How to see keyboard shortcuts on Mac - Step 2
How to see keyboard shortcuts on Mac – Step 2

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Final Words

Learning the most useful keyboard shortcuts mac for Outlook can greatly increase your efficiency and ease of use. Whether it’s through standard shortcuts or creating your own custom combinations, you can tailor your experience to fit your personal workflow. If you’ve been eager to discover how to enable keyboard shortcuts on mac or to fix issues when they’re not working, these guidelines will set you on the right path towards becoming an Outlook power user on Mac.


Why Outlook Mac keyboard shortcuts not working?

Why Outlook Mac keyboard shortcuts not working

If your Outlook for Mac keyboard shortcuts aren’t working, below are some probable reasons with their possible solutions:

1. Your version of macOS might have compatibility issues with your current version of Outlook. Check for macOS and Outlook updates, and if an update is available. As a general rule of thumb in the world of softwares, always try to use the latest version of any software.

2. Look for conflicting shortcuts in System settings > Keyboards and adjust as needed.

3. If the above steps don’t work, Restart Outlook or your Mac to resolve temporary glitches.

Remember, hardware issues, accessibility settings, or corrupted application files can also cause shortcuts to malfunction. If problems persist after these checks, consider reinstalling Outlook or seeking further assistance from tech support.

How do I use Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts on Mac?

Outlook shortcuts are enabled by default on Mac. You just need to know and get used to using them. For a quick reference and as a convenient cheat sheet, our Outlook keyboard shortcuts mac pdf files can be handy. They are also available for download from different web pages.

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